Pak-US relationship must not be put at stake on mere ‘allegations’: Dr Asim


By National Courier:

KARACHI: Amidst ongoing political turmoil specifically related to Pak-US relationship, Pakistan Peoples’ Party senior leader and former Petroleum Minister Dr Asim Hussain has said that current development in Pakistan-United States relationship is of sensitive nature and needs to be dealt with utmost political wisdom and with keeping all facets of happenings in the right manner.

Talking exclusively with Daily National Courier, Dr Asim said that though United States has once again refuted allegations levelled by Prime Minister Imran Khan that it was seeking a regime change in Pakistan by supporting opposition parties’ no-confidence move against him, but there should be a thorough insight in order to ease tense situation created in aftermath of this political development. He advised all political parties and leaders to consider sensitiveness of situation and ponder how to keep intact upholding of constitutional democratic principles in country.

Moreover, Dr Asim also said that the current situation needs to be resolved amicably and with great caution as it may dent our working relationship with the United States and the pro-western bloc on longterm basis across diversified fields including education, trade, socio-economic forefront and others. It is pertinent to mention here that earlier on basis of zero evidence, US has twiced dismissed all the allegations by the premier pertaining to any ‘foreign conspiracy’ for ousting the PTI government. Dr Asim added that it is the need of the hour to refrain from such statements and acts that may put our relationship with foreign countries at jeopardy.