NAB failed to bring witness in JJVL case

JJVL case
By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI:  Dr Asim Hussain, former petroleum minister and leader of Pakistan Peoples’ Party, has urged the political parties to become united and must think of greater national interests.

 He was talking to  the media outside the accountability court yesterday. Dr. Asim Hussain and others appeared before the accountability court IV in the NAB reference No.19/2016 of JJVL.

However, the NAB authorities failed to produce the prosecution witness. The court ordered the NAB lawyers to ensure presence of prosecution witness on the next date that is fixed for 18th August.

Replying to queries from the media, Dr Asim suggested some major steps to be taken by the new government and other parties for the defence and development of the country. ‘Our problems are of very serious nature and multiplied many times while the world powers have no sympathy with us. We are in the need of good governance for which all the political parties must be united on one page. We should forget our ego and start working for the peace, prosperity and development of Pakistan. We are facing a worst economic crisis’, Dr Asim added.

Dr Asim Hussain met Sharjeel Inam Memon outside the accountability court and congratulated him on his success in recent general elections.

Replying to a question from media persons Dr Asim said that Chaudhry Nisar and others are facing the same fate as they had misbehaved with him in the past.