Dr Asim’s ordeal



First interview to a TV channel after bail

By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI: Former petroleum minister and President PPP Karachi Division Dr Asim Hussain while appreciating the investigative role of Shahzeb Khanzada in his program on Geo TV channel said that it was his first TV interview after four months of his release from NAB detention. Replying to various questions, Dr Asim said; “I was blindfolded and chained by the investigation agencies and kept in underground cell where I was mentally tortured with forcing to sleep on the floor and told to stand on one leg in solitary confinement during investigation for three months. During the detention they put on heavy drugs and being under their influence I don’t exactly remember and cannot recall what I told them. Now this is a thing of past and I am unable to believe what was publicised through my video released on media. Initially, I was in Rangers custody and what happened during their raids on Ziauddin hospital came to my knowledge only when I was given bail.” He went on saying: “This all left very bad impression on my mind. I feel sad when those things are repeated in flashback. I am facing various psychological problems and getting treatment in hospital. My back surgery is due but it is not possible in Pakistan.” Dr Asim told the interviewer that the NAB officials say that I will escape from the country. “How it is possible when all my assets, hospitals, my mother and children are in Pakistan, hence their claim is absolutely wrong. I have already submitted in the court if I don’t return after treatment then forfeit all my property.” He stressed that “I know higher authorities are misguided by some unscrupulous elements.” Replying to another question, the PPP leader said they were asking me to tell something about my party chief Asif Ali Zardari but I did not know anything about his business and other activities. Replying to yet another question, he said there is nothing illegal in land acquired for Ziauddin Hospital, if my hospital has 50 acres of land then Aga Khan Hospital has been allocated 900 acres of land. I don’t have any commercial plots and my land is only for educational and humanitarian purpose. I will face all the cases of land. There are more than 0.1 million amenity plots in Karachi but they have targeted only Ziauddin Hospital.” The NAB has charged me of 462 billion rupees embezzlement that is related to stopping the gas supplies to fertilizer companies and alleged that due this act the urea prices went up to Rs1800/- and the treasury suffered a loss of 462 billion. Actually this was the Federal Cabinet’s decision so as to not disturb domestic supply. This was not my decision. While the urea price is still at Rs1800/- now tell me who is pocketing that money? Dr Asim posed a big question. Telling about services of his ancestors, Dr Asim said that his grandfather Dr Ziauddin has played role along with Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah in the creation of Pakistan