Dr Asim for withdrawal of self-financing medical seats


By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI:  Former petroleum minister and Chancellor, Ziauddin Medical University, Dr Asim Hussain has advised that medical colleges should be categorized. He said the colleges having good performance should get more money. He was replying to the queries from media members outside the Supreme Court, Karachi Registry yesterday.

We want to benefit the students and in my opinion 15 percent self-financing seats that are distributed in government sector should be withdrawn and given to poor students.

It makes a total of 7,900 seats and the 15 percent makes a thousand seats  which is equivalent to 10 (ten) medical colleges. If govt. is willing by doing so, it could open ten medical colleges overnight by withdrawing the fifteen percent self-financing scheme, Asim added.

Dr Asim further said that it was the world tradition and we should act upon this. Rs 642,000/- is the basic minimum which are being charged by the government colleges without capex, while we are using our own lands and capex including all other expenses. Then it must be our right and has to be looked into, we want something fair. We don’t want anything in excess.