Dr Asim back with a bang



By A.A Usmani

It is a matter of real pride and extreme pleasure to see the PPP senior leader Dr Asim Hussain returned to Karachi from London yesterday, where he had gone for medical treatment last month. With his graceful return he has not only kept his promises but proved to be an upright person and a man of words. It may be mentioned here that a lot of hue and cry was made last month when the Supreme Court of Pakistan ordered to remove his name from the Exit Control list and allowed him to travel abroad for treatment. Not only his political foes, but also the concerned investigative authorities and the TV anchors made a lot of fuss of the issue, saying Dr Asim wants to escape trial and will not return one he is allowed to go abroad. However, with his graceful return, the great leader has silenced his detractors. Political pundits and analysts have rightly termed his return a great triumphant of the right over the wrong. Time is a great judge of men’s action and time has proved Dr Asim’s righteousness in true sense of the word. As a matter of fact, Dr Asim’s love for his homeland is no secret. That’s why he made education and health sectors the citadel of his domain. All he did and has been doing is aimed at the welfare of the masses and what can be a better service to the countrymen than that in the most neglected sectors like the health and education. Just one example is sufficed to prove our belief. In our country, quite a good number of doctors opt for foreign countries in quest of better future and earnings. But Dr Asim did not opt to go abroad and instead he preferred his homeland to stay back and work for his own people. And that’s what distinguishes him from the rest of political leaders. Men like him are the assets of the nation and the nation is fortunate to be having men like him in leadership role. He has not only delivered on the health and education front but his work as a political leader is worth-mentioning. And now by keeping his words and his willingness to face trials despite the wrong allegations against him, Dr has also shown a way of dignity to fellow politicians and the current rulers, who are maligning the national institutions. To be very specific, Dr Asim is a thorough gentleman and true patriot. That’s why he did not own companies in Panama or whatever country. Whatever he has is in Pakistan and for Pakistan and is invested in sectors of health and education. And that is what makes him a great man, a true Pakistani. Now that he is back, one is hopeful of a fair trial of him as he has proved that he is not the man to run away from allegations. One may also agree with Dr Asim’s message for thrice-ousted and disqualified Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. “Nawaz Sharif sahib! The war that you are raging with our military leadership is not good for Pakistan,” Dr Hussain, who was released in May after being held in custody of Sindh Rangers and law enforcement agencies for 19 months, he warned on his return. “The military leadership belongs to Pakistan. It belongs to the nation and is from among the people. We are standing with the military leadership. We will protect every inch [of the country]. Move away from this war, otherwise the nation and the PPP will make an example out of you,” he said. To conclude one may repeat the great words of Dr Asim, who on return said loudly and proudly, “They used to say that Dr Asim will run away, but Dr Asim belongs to the PPP. He is not among those who run away,” he said. “Nawaz Sharif sahib, I want to tell you that you and your family can run away, but we will not leave Pakistan.” The PPP leader also accused Sharif of “breaking Pakistan” and attempting to carve out “Greater Punjab”, so that he could “own” it. “Our co-chairman has also mentioned this and we are sure that he [Sharif] wants to do this,” he said, answering a question on whether he thought Sharif actually wanted to create a ‘Greater Punjab’. It may be recalled here that the Supreme Court last month allowed Dr Asim Hussain to go abroad for a month for medical treatment and ordered that his name be temporarily removed from the exit control list (ECL). It had set aside the Sindh High Court’s orders in June wherein Dr Asim’s plea for the removal of his name from the ECL was turned down. The court had added that it expected Dr Asim to fulfill his commitment and return to Pakistan within a month. And with his return, Dr Asim has kept his promises. As a matter of fact by creating false accusation and expressing false apprehension, the political foes, government agencies and investigative agencies are ruining their own reputation and one may agree with experts who say: if the authorities and NAB was putting its heart into its work, the case would have concluded by now.