Nawaz Sharif wants to make ‘greater Punjab’



Warns ex-PM against raging ‘war’ with Army

By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI: Pakistan People’s Party, Karachi Division, President, Dr Asim Hussain has accused Nawaz Sharif of “breaking Pakistan” and attempting to carve out “Greater Punjab”, so that he could “own” it. “Our co-chairman has also mentioned this and we are sure that he [Sharif] wants to do this,” he said while answering a question on whether he thought Sharif actually wanted to create a ‘Greater Punjab’. Talking to media on his arrival from London yesterday, Dr Asim said that National Accountability Bureau’s (NAB) have been proved wrong as he has returned to Pakistan to face cases against him. The former petroleum minister was greeted by a large number of jubilant PPP supporters when he landed at Karachi airport from London. “Nawaz Sharif sahib! The war that you are raging with our military leadership is not good for Pakistan,” Dr Hussain, who was released in May after being held in custody of Sindh Rangers and law enforcement agencies for 19 months, warned on his return. “The military leadership belongs to Pakistan. It belongs to the nation and is from among the people. We are standing with the military leadership. We will protect every inch [of the country]. Move away from this war, otherwise the nation and the PPP will make an example out of you,” he said. “They used to say that Dr Asim will run away, but Dr Asim belongs to the PPP. He is not among those who run away,” he said. “Nawaz Sharif sahib, I want to tell you that you and your family can run away, but we will not leave Pakistan.” He said it is beyond his understanding as why Sharif considers himself a true representative of the nation since Sharif family members had spent a decade abroad and are still out of the country. “It is your misunderstanding Mian Sahib that the nation stands with you,” he remarked. The PPP leader said that he wants to tell the Pakistan Muslim League-N leader that he is not one of those who would run away from the country.“Our politics is for Pakistan. We have saved the country in the past and we will save it again,” he said, adding that the PML-N wants to push back the progress of Pakistan. Dr Asim Hussain said that there was a wide difference between the actions and words of the PML-N leadership.