Closed 25 unlawful medical colleges, says Dr Asim Hussain



By  Nasir Mahmood

ISLAMABAD:  “We had closed about 25 medical colleges and prepared new recommendations. Those recommendations were altered by new regime after our government and then started manipulations,” former petroleum minister and Chairman Sindh Higher Education Commission Dr Asim Hussain said this yesterday replying to questions from media members after his appearance before Supreme Court.

He stated that in year 2007 when he took over the charge,  requirements for admissions were made more merit based.

He said another factor is that they have fixed the minimum marks for admissions of the students at 60 percent while the manipulations are done in between 60 and 70 percent marks. In my opinion if this admission limit is raised up to 65 or 70 percent, the whole issue would be resolved. Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC) must conduct the exit examinations. And the most important is that third party evaluation is of the Famer or ECMG that is already I have submitted to the Chief Justice in today’s hearing. Hence the question is why PMDC is hiding this fact, if they will bring this third party evaluation of every medical college. This exercise would expose the standing of each and every good and bad medical college.

Every passing student desires to clear this American exam and go. My medical college and hospital is of international standard but it is not necessary in the world that every international medical college is having all types of cure facilities even such treatments are not available in England, hence their patients go to America for sophisticated treatment, he added.