Tale of a jailed politician

The story began on August 26, 2015, on a bright sunshine day in Karachi, but the darkest day of my life when I was picked up at 10 am without any warrant from my office (Sindh Higher Education Commission) by the LEAs. My family had no clue whatsoever that who picked me and they were not informed about my whereabouts.

I was presented before an anti-terrorism court on 27th August 2015 and handed over to Rangers’ custody without any charges for 90 days. Today it has been a year, I have been in solitary confinement in cells, hospitals and chained, blind folded, handcuffed and threatened. My media trial was carried out, videos made, confession extracted under duress and coercion. It is the worst kind of oppression and human rights violation in this era. It all started with certain colleagues who had professional jealousy with me. They dis-informed certain influential officials of wrong facts about me and then the political vendetta began by the so called democratic government. All cases made against me are based on disclosures made during my custody. Although no disclosures are made by me and cases are concocted and frivolous.

I am the first politician to be behind the bars in a current democratic set-up. This seems to be an act of victimisation and personal vendetta. My incarceration is an egoistic feeling of the mighty and powerful against a weak and helpless. I have respect for the institutions of the country and will defend my case and I will be victorious because I have not done anything wrong whatsoever. I will stand by my principles and as a reverence to the people of Pakistan. Allah Almighty blesses all. Pakistan Zindabad, Patriotism Paindabad.


Published in Business Recorder, August 26th, 2016