‘Struggle for workers’ rights to continue’



By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI: Pakistan Peoples’ Party Karachi President Dr Asim Hussain in his video message on the occasion of International Labour Day said to the party workers and general labour that this is the day of significant importance when a labour movement was initiated and various workers were sacrificed. “Whenever any workers’ movement was initiated in the world, it was endorsed by students and other people of society. These movements were focused on independence and their members were based on progressive thinking.” “They always strived for equal rights for rich and poor. Being President PPP Karachi, I want to assure all my brother workers that we always stand by you and my party has not forgotten your sacrifices, we will always struggle for your rights along with you to achieve the best place for you in the society,” the message added. Earlier, before start of his speech Dr Asim recited the following verse; “Satoon-e-dar pay rakhte chalo saron ke charagh Jahan talak ye sitam ki siyah rat chale”