Pak envoy assures Maxine Waters of fair trial for Dr Asim

Replies to concern raised by US Congresswoman

­By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI : Pakistan Ambassador in Washington Jalil Abbas Jilani has assured the American Congresswoman Maxine Waters that Dr Asim Hussain is fully entitled to a fair trial and protection of law like any other citizen in a democratic society.
“I am confident that he will get justice in the ongoing judicial proceedings,” the Ambassador said in his letter addressed to Maxine Water. He was replying to the Congresswoman’s letter dated 13th May 2016 regarding the case of Pakistani physician Dr Asim Hussain in which she had expressed her concern over the alarming news of maltreatment of Dr Asim and his hospital staff.
Jalil Abbas said, “I have forwarded your letter to concerned authorities in Islamabad with the recommendation that allegations of maltreatment against the detainee be thoroughly investigated. Meanwhile, I would like to assure you that we have a robust and independent judicial system in Pakistan where political or administrative interventions are strictly discouraged.”
Dr Hussain has been a prominent figure not only in the medical profession but also on the political landscape of Pakistan. His personal profile notwithstanding, you will agree that being a citizen of Pakistan, he is subject to the scrutiny and implementation of the laws of the land.
Jilani wrote “let me thank you at the outset for appreciating the role of Pakistani Americans in your constituency who are integrated with a culturally diverse American society and contributing positively to the US economy. Hundreds of physicians and health professionals of Pakistani descent are at the forefront of our efforts to deepen people to people contacts between our two countries”, he wrote.