No-motion success: New regime will turn Pakistan ‘better than before’: Dr Asim

By National Courier:

KARACHI: Subsequent to success of no-motion trust against former Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan Peoples’ Party senior leader and former Federal Minister for Petroleum Resources Dr Asim Hussain has said that now time has come to collectively work with sheer commitment for well-being of masses without any discrimination. Speaking exclusively to Daily National Courier, Dr Asim said that in wake of gigantic change in country’s political scenario, it is evident and expected that new regime will bring a drastic change in economic, social development of Pakistan by working with unity and cohesion taking all stakeholders on board without indulging in politics of revenge”.

Former Minister said that in last three years, Pakistan has witnessed tremendous economic disparity, surge in unemployment level and bad governance, but now time has reached to such a point that people of Pakistan are optimistically looking towards new leadership for their unresolved grievances and agonies that were overlooked for long. Dr Asim also said that whoever assumes responsibility of country’s new Prime Minister, he should have to pay a high heed towards economic development, reduction in level of poverty, improvement in security situation, empowerment of women and to ensure provision of better education and healthcare facilities.

He also underlined significance of bolstering stronger ties and working relationship with neighbouring countries including United States in diversified areas and added that it is need of hour to form global convergence on matters of mutual interest in long-run.