NAB witness granted time for preparation in Dr Asim’s case


By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI: The Accountability Court-IV yesterday continued to hear NAB reference No.13/2016 against former petroleum minister and leader of PPP, Dr Asim Hussain.

Out of four witnesses of NAB Prosecution, one witness namely Yawer Ali Sherwani from UBL appeared and rest of the witnesses from UBL were absent. Special Prosecutor Riaz Alam informed the court that witness Yawer Ali Sherwani will be examined after the examination of other three witnesses of UBL, therefore,  due to this, the court adjourned the case for14th December.

Two accused Ather Hussain and Mohammad Safdar were present in the court while accused Eijaz Choudhry exempted from his personal appearance & Dr Asim Hussain has gone abroad for his treatment with the permission of Hon’ble Supreme Court.

During previous hearings Amir Raza Naqvi, defence counsel for Dr Asim Hussain had cross examined Prosecution Witness (PW) Mohammad Akram, the UBL branch manager.