JJVL case takes new turn


By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI: The Accountability Court after objections raised by defence lawyers on NAB investigation against former petroleum minister Dr Asim Hussain and others, adjourned the hearing till Sept 27 in JJVL case. During the hearing on Saturday, the defence counsels for the accused pointed out that the prosecution did not place complete documents on court record, which is an essential requirement under the law. They alleged that NAB officials had produced only those documents and statements before the court which were in their favour, while under the law they were bound to produce the complete investigation record. ChoudhryAzhar Siddiq Advocate, defence counsel for accused Basharat Mirza, requested the court that he wanted at least fifteen days time to prepare and file a written application against NAB’s mala fides. The lawyer said he has collected various papers from OGDCL and SSGC about this case where the NAB officials had recorded the statements of certain witnesses but they did not produce those statements on record because those statements were in favour of his client and against the case made by NAB. This is a serious violation of law and justice, therefore, they want to put this record before the court so that the justice could prevail. Later talking to media, Azhar Siddiq Advocate said that according to his investigation the NAB officials had recorded the statements of 42 officials but they produced only 25 witness statements before the court while concealed the statements of 9 witnesses belonging to SSGC and 8 witnesses from OGDCL. Since he wants to bring this grave violation in the knowledge of honorable court he wants about 15 days time by permission of the court so that he could file a comprehensive application mentioning each and every details , the lawyer added.