Harassment to Dr Asim continues: Anwar Mansoor Khan


KARACHI: Dr Asim Hussain’s legal counsel Anwar Mansoor Khan has termed the continuous interference by Rangers in the investigation and treatment of Dr. Asim, illegal as they are the complainant in the ongoing case against him in Anti Terrorism Court for alleged treatment of terrorists in Ziauddin Hospital.

He said that the complete failure of the rangers to prove anything against Dr. Asim has irked them and they have resorted to unlawful and uncalled for tactics like media trial of Dr. Asim by continuously leaking sensitive information to the media which could also threaten his life.

Anwar said, ‘on Friday night four rangers’ personnels were involved in creating threatening and hostile environment that disturbed the patient Dr. Asim and since then he has not slept for two nights.’

He said that rangers’ personnels had been lurking around all day on a mobile and some motorcycles and unlawfully took video shots of the room and all his medications. They did not care of is his privacy. Moreover, they asked about the visitors and their association with Dr. Asim, and later leaked the video to some TV channels.

‘Leaking such information is a major threat to my client’s well-being, his privacy, which is his fundamental right, let alone the manner in which they released it to the media claiming, that Dr. Asim is in such ‘comfortable’ situation,’ he said adding, that probably the rangers are still unhappy that they could not continue the inhuman treatment they had put him through after the 93 days illegal detention.

‘The doctors had already warned that any harsh or threatening environment will be a devastating factor in the treatment of the patient. Dr. Asim is already emotionally disturbed and peaceful environment is the top priority for the treatment,’ Anwar added.

‘No law enforcing agency or governmental body can harass or intimidate any person at any time especially during his continued treatment. Earlier we had raised the concerns on similar activities when rangers were threatening employees of Dr. Ziauddin Hospital but it seems that law is secondary to them,’ added Anwar Mansoor Khan.