Dr Asim Hussain suffering from severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Psychiatrist

KARACHI:-Dr Asim Hussain is suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, says Prof. Emerritus Dr Syed Haroon Ahmed, a renowned Psychiatrist of the country in his report submitted in an Accountability Court.

Dr Haroon who examined and is treating Dr Asim Hussain said in his report that following symptoms were found during his psycho-analysis: Recent intrusive memory, Flash Back, Avoidance associated with trauma, Inability to remember important aspect or traumatic event, Irritable behavior, Hyper vigilance, Startle response, Attention and concentration and Sleep disturbance.

The patient (Dr Asim Hussain) told the doctor that he is trying best to block the memory of his most stressful event but fails. Dr Asim says that most stressful event while in custody of Rangers is that he was kept blind folded for 11-12 days, the report stated.

Dr Haroon in his report also mentioned a very abnormal trauma of Flash Back and that whenever he sees a person wearing Rangers uniform he had “ panic attacks “ which consists of symptoms like extreme anxiety, fear of death, , cold clammy extremist and impending heart failure etc. This disturbing bout remains for 30-60 minutes, Dr Haroon said in his two paged report.

DR Asim remains awake all the night and sleeps at 6 am fearing that Rangers would kidnap him again as they did in the night while he was admitted to the NICVD, Dr Haroon reported.

He also mentioned an incident dated March 12 when after midnight a team of Rangers appeared suddenly and started filming him and the room and said that this lead to devastating regression and phobia. The report also mentions the treatment suggested by Prof Haroon Ahmed including medicines.

The report has been taken on record by the Accountability Court.