Expert suggests Dr Asim’s treatment abroad


By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI: Leading medical expert from America Dr Azfar Malik has recommended that Dr Asim’s must be shifted US or the UK for treatment of his ailment. “He has PVCs caused through irregular heartbeats, it needs further investigations by specialists which we have in America but not here in Pakistan. They are called electro-cardiologists, experts of heart’s electricity. They conduct tabulations of heart, a facility, which is not available in Pakistan, he said. Dr Azfar Malik is the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Medical Officer of the two hospitals in America, in Kansas City and St. Charles. He is also the President of Psych Care Consultants Diplomate American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology General Psychiatry & Addiction Psychiatry. He teaches as Assistant professor at Saint Louis University. Dr Azfar stated that being a Psychiatrist I would recommend that D Asim should be provided justice and health treatment for which he should be released immediately. If we put ourselves in his place and think about the same treatment with us? The problem would be solved at that instance. Replying to a question about American judicial system Malik disclosed that Dr Asim Hussain is detained since last one and a half year without proving any allegation against him. This is not possible in America to arrest anybody for one year or more without proving anything.