Dr Asim Hussain’s message on Int’l Mother’s Day


By National Courier:

Karachi: Pakistan Peoples’ Party senior leader and former Petroleum Minister Dr Asim Hussain while talking exclusively to Daily National Courier  on ‘International Mother’s Day said that Islam places great respect and honour towards parents in general and holds mothers in highest regard. Because of numerous struggles and hardships mother endures in her lifetime, giving birth to her child and raising her household. ‘Your heaven lies under feet of your mother’, explains in a hadith what position of mothers in Islam is all about. Remembering his mother, Dr Aijaz Fatima, founder of Ziauddin Hospital who passed away at age of 92 Dr Asim said, “No parallel to my mother as she reared two sons and two daughters.”  Islam paints a more realistic picture of motherhood and acknowledges a mother’s struggles during and after birth period of her children. So clearly, we are remembering our mothers.  In his advice to children, Dr Asim on his social media handle wrote, “ A mother’s love cannot be defined by a single day’s celebration. For me evryday is a mother day. There is no substitute for a mother’s blessings. She is the most selfless and loving person in the world.

Dr Asim’s mother, Dr Aijaz Fatima was a seasoned gynaecologist whose sheer optimism and unmatched services for the suffering humanity will always be remembered by all and sundry. Throughout her incredible career journey she had always attained great success in whatever initiatives she had undertaken for the betterment of the humanity.