Dr Asim Hussain warns to handle energy crisis on emergent basis


By National Courier:

KARACHI: Dr. Asim Hussain senior leader of Pakistan Peoples’ Party and former Petroleum Minister warned nation to take care of depleting gas reserves and energy resources within country. He said we are facing acute energy shortage that must be resolved on emergent basis at any cost. Otherwise, country will face immense financial problems.

Talking to newsmen outside NAB Court here while referring to latest statement by Prime Minister that our energy cost has raised over bill of $ 27 billion per annum we will pay this huge amount.

Dr. Asim disclosed that he is 80 percent sure that next year country would have no gas for domestic and industrial use. He recalled that in year 2012 he prepared comprehensive energy policy on federal level and made forecast that if this policy was not adopted country would be deprived of gas reserves for domestic and industrial use within next ten to twelve years. Since it was not implemented day has come to face consequences. There was no work done on energy exploration in past neither it is being done even today.

During his tenure as Minister, he held various meetings with Iran for laying gas pipeline and to secure our energy future but it was all drained out afterward. When he left Ministry country’s domestic gas production was at 4 billion cubic ft. It was further declined by up to 0.5 bcft and if it goes down one bcft more situation will be worst to handle further line losses. If cost of imports increased further by five to ten billion dollars on imports situation would be more dangerous, Dr. Asim concluded.

It is pertient to mention here that duringf 2012 when Dr Asim Hussain was heading the petroleum ministry, effective strategies were devised to get rid of the prolonged gas outages and crisis.

In present time, it could be said rightly that the prediction of Dr Asim turned out to be true as country is facing worst form of energy shortages.