Dr Asim Hussain to sue Chairman NAB

NAB like essence of Hitler era
National Courier Report
KARACHI: The counsel for Dr Asim Hussain has made all preparations to sue Chairman NAB. It was learnt here yesterday. According to the sources, NAB has failed in producing any incriminating evidence before the Accountability Court and in the absence of such evidence, the accused, Dr Asim, who has been in custody since August 27 has the right to sue the NAB’s top man for curtailing his independence and maligning him beyond repair. The NAB has leveled wild allegations and filed concocted cases. The political victimization of Dr Asim Hussain started with the serious allegation of harbouring militants and for providing medical treatment to alleged terrorists of MQM, Lyari Gang War and others but that doomed as till date, police investigators have failed to produce any evidence. If the para-military force fails in proving their case, the accused can claim damages, the counsel said. The manner in which NAB’s prosecutors and investigators are pursuing the case shows that the chairman NAB has turned personal against Dr Asim Hussain and in the circumstances, which reminds one of Nazi era victimization, Dr Asim Hussain who is the lone political prisoner in recent times has the right to sue the accountability Czars, the counsel said, adding that legal notices will be served in a day or two.