Dr. Asim Hussain honours his promise, efforts paid off ‘timely, successfully’


By National Courier:

Karachi: Pakistan Peoples’ Party top leadership has committed to work for development and prosperity of Central District Karachi and will never leave people of this district isolated at any time, former Petroleum Minister and PPP senior leader Dr. Asim Hussain said.

During an event held at Islamic Center at Ayesha Manzil in District Central, Dr Asim Hussain announced a 15 percent increase in amount of Octroi Zila Tax by (OZT) Sindh government for District, an increase in salaries of employees and issuance of employees’ health cards. He said that employees’ families will be able to get Rs 600,000 annual health facility in 200 hospitals. Dues and arrears of retired and deceased employees will also be ensured without any delay, he asserted.

Dr Asim Hussain further said that Pakistan Peoples Party and its top brass have committed that it will neither leave District Central isolated nor its residents at  any time and added that I have taken promises from my workers that they will refrain themselves from all kinds of corrupt practices and will move forward only on the path of honesty with utmost devotion and sincerity to serve the masses in the most upright manner.

Dr Asim also said that all departments of District Central  will be computerised to mitigate every single chance of any corruption and double-dealing, amoral people will have to face dire consequences sans any nepotism along with the dismissal of the ghost employees in district.

Deputy Commissioner and Administrator of district Taha Saleem said that we always give top priority to welfare of employees and bringing rapid innovation in our routine working by utlilising advanced technology.

Taha Saleem said that with advice and support of Dr Asim Hussain, district will become one of best area in Karachi. He said that increase in OZT, employees’ salaries and health card are sheer outcome of Dr Asim sincere endeavours who is in thought of welfare of employees besides progress of district to be a model area in city.

Talking exclusively to ‘Daily National Courier’, Dr Asim said that “it is his sincere desire to turn District Central into Karachi’s best district in all aspects whether it is about beautification, infrastructure development, improvement in law and order situation, expansion of educational institutions, better healthcare facilities, lavish recreational places and sports complex or any other measures for vast development, we will turn all these dreams into actual reality with the passage of time”.

Former Senator and PPP District Central President Masroor Ahsan was also present on the ocassion alongwith other officials of the district.