Dr Asim Hussain has not invested in India: counsel

KARACHI: “Former Minister for Petroleum and Natural Resources, Dr Asim Hussain has strongly denied that he has invested any money in India. The allegation levelled in print and electronic media, that he is constructing the Global Medical Center in Bangalore is totally baseless”. This was stated by Anwar Mansoor Khan, counsel for Dr Asim Hussain, yesterday.

A news item was published and televised in the media, quoting NAB sources, that Dr Asim Hussain has made investment in India.
Dr Asim’s Counsel added that these kinds of news were absolutely baseless and aimed at creating sensation. “They are incorrect and false, and made with a view to damaging Dr Asim’s reputation.”

Mansoor Khan declared that he would take up the matter with the NAB, and in the event that such statement has been made by them or any person in the NAB, appropriate legal proceedings shall commence against them.

The Counsel called upon the Chairman NAB to instruct his teams to follow rules and conduct themselves under the NAB Ordinance. “When Dr Asim is in the custody of the NAB and the NAB court is proceeding under the NAB law, there is no need of conducting a media trial. It seems that certain motivated persons, whether in NAB or at other places are seeking to create an adverse perception against Dr. Asim through this unlawful method. That is highly regrettable.”, he asserted.
Mansoor further said that the statement given by Dr. Asim few days back that NAB may frame a goat stealing case against him has been proved as this new case is fabricated and has no truth in it.

Mansoor Khan said that such tactics only put a question mark on authenticity of NAB as no proofs has so far been given even in the previously concocted cases.

The counsel stated that the NAB and the print and electronic media, as well, should act in a prudent, honest, transparent and fair manner and the proceeding in the court should be transparent and honest, adding these kinds of unfounded allegations were made with mala fide intention.
He further said that if there was any kind of evidence against Dr Asim Hussain, he should have been confronted in investigation with the same, which has not been done in any of the so called investigation, and must not have been brought for public attention through the media to malign him.