Dr Asim falls ill again

By Nasir Mahmood
KARACHI: Dr Asim Hussain has again fallen ill at the JPMC yesterday morning where Dr Rukhsana was called for his physical check up and she prescribed various medicines to the patient.

Dr. Asim complained of feeling heavy pressure in his chest and severe pain in the back. He also underwent stomach problem and vomiting trouble.

Dr Rukhsana advised him to have complete rest. She diagnosed the impact of muscular pain due to high mental tension.

It may be mentioned here that Dr Asim is a well-known physician and has been active in the fields of public health and education. He was arrested in last August and is being held in Jinnah Hospital without bail.

He is the chairman of the Ziauddin Group of Hospitals in Karachi and established the Ziauddin University, a research university with an emphasis on health, medicine, and biomedical engineering. During the arrest period he went into kidney problem and also suffered heart attack.