Dr Asim demands equal treatment for all citizens



By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI: Former petroleum minister and President PPP Karachi Division, Dr Asim Hussain yesterday said that Nawaz Sharif is among big guns of the country and that’s why he did not appeared before NAB authorities while we belong to class of weak people and have to appear twice a week before the courts. He was replying to questions by media persons outside the Accountability Court yesterday. While commenting about legendary late Dr Ruth Pfau, Dr Asim said she was a great lady who even being a non-Muslim dedicated her lifetime to fight leprosy for seventy years and served the people of our country. I had visited her Marie Adelaide Leprosy Center as a student where she lived in a small room. She was laid to rest yesterday with full state honour. I wish our doctors and other members of medical fraternity should follow her love for mankind and serve the nation, he said. Talking to media persons Dr Asim said, I want equal treatment, if I was arrested under the law why others escape arrest under the same law. It means that big and powerful people are above the law. Chairman NAB arrested and made cases against me while the same chairman is behaving differently with others, he added. He further stated, “I don’t claim any innocence about other politicians but fighting the case on my own. I have at the same time to face Almighty Allah as everybody has to face Him individually.” You are well aware that everything is on record about others but in my case nothing is on record including bank accounts and property etc. Therefore, “I will keep fighting my case”. Media fraternity is witnessing the proceedings of my case and you people are well aware that I am being harassed by NAB authorities. Replying to a question about charge-sheet, Dr Asim Hussain said this is a usual procedure. To another question about becoming a Senator, Dr Asim said “we make others Senators, not ourselves. It may be mentioned hre that the Anti-Terrorism Court yesterday charge-sheeted Saleem Shahzad and all other accused involved in the alleged treatment of terrorists to which they pleaded not guilty. After denial, the court called upon the prosecution to lead evidence and produce witnesses on September 30. Earlier, accused Ather Hussain appeared before the Accountability Court IV in NAB reference No. 13/2016. Defence lawyer for Dr Asim Hussain stated in the court that indexation issue of witness Mohammad Akram was yet not resolved. NAB has brought additional documents which were not presented before and it has affected the case hearings. Court adjourned further hearing till August 22. Dr Asim also attended hearing of second reference No. 19/2016 of JJVL alongwith other co-accused including Basharat Mirza, Zuhair Siddiqui, Shoaib Warsi and others. Siddique Chaudhry advocate for Basharat Mirza continued his arguments in which he submitted that the alleged amount was not 17 billion rupees, it was related to the outstanding of business dealings and other transactions and the total was not more than rupees one billion which could not be called an offence as claimed by NAB in its reference. The court fixed next date of hearing on August 22.