Dr Asim condemns, expresses sympathy with bereaved, injured families of Karachi blast


By National Courier:

Karachi: Senior Pakistan Peoples’ Party leader Dr Asim Husain while expressing his anger and sorrow over city blast in which a woman died while around 16 were injured near New Memon Masjid said that such incident are aimed to demoralise our people. “But terrorists and anti-social elements have forget that their heinous acts can never scare our people as we have in past and still confronting with such elements in country”, he asserted. Sindh government on the other hand is taking all out measures to provide security to masses and our security agencies and police department is on alert in this regard. However he said such incidents disturb our social fibre which are by no mean can be tolerated and it is our responsibility to keep an eye on anti-social elements.

He condemned blast and said that enemies of people’s lives and property will be “dealt with iron hands”. “Anti-peace forces have once again become active in Karachi. Recent incidents are part of a well-planned conspiracy,” Dr Asim added.

Dr Asim prayed for deceased for eternal peace and expressed his sympathy to bereaved families of woman and people who sustained injuries and prayed early recovery of them.