Chairman HEC urges students to turn to entrepreneurship


Chairman Higher Education Commission of Pakistan Dr. Tariq Banuri on Tuesday stressed the different standards of education, even within the province, existing in the country and regretted the consequences.

Chairman HEC was addressing students on a visit to the Ziauddin University earlier today, where he advised students to contribute to making the initiative of providing better education ‘fruitful’.

He urged the practising doctors to take their profession seriously as negligence in the process would cause damage to humanity which would be irreplaceable.

“My encouragement for students is to develop a line of conversation with existing public sector universities so that HEC can collaborate and work with them,” he told the students. He expressed hope in working with nonprofit universities.

“For now, at least we have provided an opportunity to establish your research domain to work with a number of other institutions to achieve a milestone,” he added.

He regretted the lack of entrepreneurship among Pakistani graduates. He urged the need to invest in Pakistani people to get educated as much as they can.

He noted that the quality of education in many areas is poor and expressed the urge to maintain diversity in educational courses.

“Universities need to work on their research programs; we are also focused on solving problems and providing some research funding,” the HEC chairman added.

For problem-solving research, all universities must work with consortium so students can enrol in different courses from different universities, he added.

“Our objection to adjunct and other faculty is for other reasons for teaching quality. As far as a research program is concerned we want universities to take the lead, work jointly and involve others whose expertise is required,” the HEC chairman stated.