ATC rejects Rangers claim against IO in Dr Asim’s case

Bills’ misplacement charge unfounded
By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI: The Anti Terrorist Court-II yesterday observed in Dr Asim Hussain’s case that there was no evidence recorded in favour of the allegation that present IO of the case, DSP Altaf Hussain, had misplaced 9 out of the 50 bills already submitted with the court and was not found bias during the investigation.

The Court further observed that the said record was sealed and deposited by the previous Investigation Officer, Rao Zulfiqar. Hence, there was no possibility of involving IO. Altaf Hussain in misplacing the record. If Rangers’ lawyer wishes to further argue in this regard it could be done during the trial. The court fixed the next date of hearing as 16 May. Copy of today’s order would be provided on next hearing.

During the previous hearing on April 30, the Rangers lawyer had claimed that important bills linked with Dr Asim Hussain’s case of providing treatment to terrorists at his private hospital, have been misplaced. The law officer said this while confronting the investigation officer in court.

The lawyer had alleged that the investigation officer had misplaced the bills with regard to providing treatment to terrorists of Al Qaeda, Lyari gang war groups and MQM. He accused that the bills were misplaced from record in an attempt to benefit the accused.

However, the investigation officer rejected the allegations and termed them baseless. He said the report contained 26 additional documents and nothing was missing from them.