Anwar Mansoor alleges NAB to wrongly implicate Dr Asim

Asim concerned over security threats
Karachi – 21 May 2016: Anwar Mansoor Advocate, defence counsel for Dr Asim Hussain said that NAB has wrongly implicated his client just to damage his personality in the eyes of general people. He was talking to media outside the NAB court after hearing on Saturday afternoon.

Mansoor said, as you have already observed the second witness produced by NAB authorities in today’s hearing was not a chartered accountant but an administrative officer of the said Company. He was not having any information or knowledge about the audit or accounts. He had only produced the audited reports of last ten years from 2004 to 2014 on the instructions and on behalf of the partner of the audit firm. It may be mentioned here that in those reports too there was no any qualification mentioned which means that all ten years accounts were in accordance with law, and there was nothing illegal found on behalf of Dr Ziauddin University accounts.

Dr Asim’s lawyer further disclosed that NAB did know that there was nothing illegal or objectionable in this case that’s why they did not produce the relevant person or officials of the chartered accountants. It was also proved by the earlier witness appeared in last week’s hearing that there was nothing done wrong by his client.
The NAB authorities had tarnished his image in the eyes of public.

The witness appeared on 14 th  May Raheel Shahnawaz had verified the defence consul that the auditors did not find any irregularity against the organization. No fraud or concealment was observed or detected by them nor mentioned in their audit report, Mansoor added. Earlier, while coming out of the NAB court Dr Asim Hussain expressed his concern over the security alert news on behalf of a secret agency.

He said that he was being victimized through such dubious news items. In his opinion the lower NAB officials were vulnerable from the higher ups. He was afraid that in case of any mishaps all the burden would be shifted to his shoulders.