2nd prosecution witness records statement in NAB court

Dr Asim Hussain’s case:
Karachi – May 21, 2016: The second prosecution witness in Dr. Asim’s case Mukhtar Hussain said he did not prepare or signed the audit reports about Ziauddin University’s annual accounts but produced before the court. The witness said he is employed as Assistant in Admin branch of M/s KPMG Taseer Hadi & Company, the chartered accountants.

During the hearing on Saturday at NAB Court IV, Mukhtar Hussain replying to questions from defense counsel stated that his employer company had instructed to produce the annual reports of the audited accounts of last ten years i.e., from financial year 2004 to 30 th June 2014. His chartered accountant company had received a letter from NAB authorities for production of the copies of the said annual reports of Ziauddin University.

To another question from defence counsel the witness said that he had gone alone to the NAB office for production of record. The NAB investigation officer did not visit his company’s office. He also said that the record shown in the court has no signatures of the witness.

It may be mentioned here that on last Saturday’s (14 May 2016) hearing the first prosecution witness Raheel Shahnawaz had said that no fraud was detected in the audit of Dr Ziauddin Hospital audit reports. They did not find any discrepancy or fraud in the accounts. He also said they did not find any deviation in the income and expenses of the Hospital; therefore they had issued the clean certificate of audit verifications. They had also issued letter of thanks to the concerned staff of the organization for their good cooperation.

Raheel Shahnawaz prosecution witness from the auditors Partner M/s BDO Eabrahim (Pvt.) Company had stated that the sources of fund of the organization and its expenditures were strictly checked and if there was any suspicious transaction discovered it would have mentioned in the audit report.