Announces another flyover near ICI Bridge



By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI: “Karachi Fish Harbour is the biggest source of foreign exchange earnings through export and fulfilling domestic requirements of seafood with efforts of dedicated fishermen working here, they are devoted workers and voters of Pakistan People’s Party.” Dr Asim Hussain, President Karachi Division PPP, said this while addressing fishermen’s gathering hosted by the Fishermen Cooperative Society (FCS) at Karachi Fish Harbour yesterday. The chief guest said, “When coming here, I saw the road is in dilapidated condition. I promise to renovate this road to facilitate your transportation requirements. ICI Bridge is also in bad condition and I have got approval of Chief Minister for construction of another flyover in addition to this for further facilitation. It would be completed within next year with Insha Allah. You may have observed that within last few months Peoples’ Party has done record development works in Karachi, which were never seen from any other party in the past. We have to change not ourselves but also the face of Karachi and the country with your cooperation. You are requested to extend your fullest support in this regard and convey the message of PPP for restoration the past image of Karachi as the city of lights and glamour,” Dr Asim added. Earlier, Dr Asim inaugurated the newly renovated facilities at auction halls K-1 and K-2 at old fish market to meet the standards fixed by the European Union for import of seafood from Pakistan. He said we have large number of coastal belt where fishermen are residing and earning their livelihood since centuries. “They built and established Karachi but their living standard was never maintained properly before 1970. This was Zulfikar Ali Bhutto who gave them respect and provided educational facilities in their localities and respective areas. He created political awareness among them, hence they are the voters of PPP. The development works for Karachi were also started by Mr. Bhutto and Sharae Faisal was double tracked by him. This was the main artery of Karachi and had single track before.” He appreciated the efforts made by Hafeez Abdul Berr, Chairman FCS for up gradation of the fish Harbour and market.