Accountability threatens ‘Raiwind throne’ not democracy: Bilawal

Dr Asim being held hostage on reprisal 
From Our Correspondent
MIRPUR: Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has said accountability had threatened Raiwand throne but democracy and that former President Asif Ali Zardari’s doctor (Dr Asim) had still been held hostage in revenge. Addressing a mammoth gathering in Mirpur, Azad Kashmir, Bilawal asserted, “In the name of accountability, reprisal had been conducted against PPP while ministers in Punjab usually get offensive when talked about accountability,” he stressed. The PPP chief said that his party would never back off from its historic stance on the Kashmir dispute. He stressed that struggle for the liberation of Kashmir was the aim of PPP. “We want a peaceful resolution to the Kashmir issue and only a strong Pakistan can support the Kashmir cause on every forum.” He said that talks with opponents can be held on equal terms. “Kashmir elections are around the corner; these elections are not ordinary as they will decide the future of Kashmir. The whole world is keeping an eye on Kashmir elections because these elections will prove as an important milestone to shape future of Kashmir,” he said. Bilawal said if the PMLN won these elections with its old tactics of drama and rigging, it would be as if Kashmiris supported PMLN’s anti-Kashmir and Modi-friendly policies. “Would Kashmiri Awaam let this happen? Never,” he said “The demand for PM’s resignation on one side, but today I demand resignation from the foreign minister as well. We failed to get F-16s from America. Our foreign policy is going towards destruction.” Earlier, Bilawal kicked off his party’s campaign for AJK elections with a road caravan from Islamabad. The convoy, participated by a large number of PPP supporters, headed for Mirpur through Rawat, Gujjar Khan and Dina areas. The activity comes amid where polls are for the region’s legislative assembly.