Second Annual National Symposium of Medical Physics held at Ziauddin University


Karachi: “When you think about physics you must always go back into history. If you go back 3000 years BC, the concept of energy came from Egyptian history.

From astronomy to philosophy and to emergence over centuries towards physics, which we recall as a science of energy and matter.

“We have used this energy through various sources, we have harnessed in different types of machines for many reasons, it’s all about getting physics energy and give the energy to others”, said Dr Asim Hussain, Chancellor, Ziauddin University. He was addressing the audience at the “2nd Annual National Symposium on International Day of Medical Physics”.

While motivating the young scientist, he said “you are a group of people who have more intellectual level, who have more brains than common people because you can think better. Maybe we have failed this country individually but collectively we must try and do whatever we can do and build this country block by block. We shouldn’t forget that we have got this country with great difficulty and to maintain this country, its boundaries, its frontier, it is imperative for our nation’s growth and for the sake of the country we have to work hard.”

“Our country is passing through a difficult time we are in an era globally, where there are a lot of changes. Fundamentalism is griping in different forms whenever the situation is like this, it always leads to some kind of fundamentalism. We have to be rational in our approach, we have to be thinkers”, he added.

With the help of interactive presentation comprising of information on the topic of Professional Development and Higher Education Opportunities for Medical Physics Professionals in Pakistan, Shahbaz Ahmed Chugtai, Karmanos Cancer Institute, USA, said that main objective of this talk is to present the continuing professional development and higher education opportunities for Pakistani medical physics professionals.

Our aim is to discuss the challenges faced by them while interacting internationally. This session will be greatly helpful for early and mid-career professionals in clinical medical physics.”

During the talk about Cancer Challenges for Medical Physics, Rahim Gohar, Aga Khan University Hospital, Nairobi Kenya, stated that medical physics is very versatile and dynamic in nature. Any medical equipment used in any modern hospital like X–Ray machine, CT Scan, MRI, PET, CT, etc, are the inventions of physicist modalities. In modern medicine, medical doctors are totally dependent on imaging modalities to diagnose the disease which is very important according to the modern era.

During his address on the subject of Safety Culture & Health Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA), Noman Hussain Siddiqui, Aga Khan University Hospital, said “our main goal is to eliminate or minimize the potential for failures, to stop failures before harm reaches the patient, or to minimize the consequences of the failure. FMEA allows us to identify areas of our process that most influence our patients, helps us identify how our process is most likely to fail and points to process failure that is most difficult to detect.”