Pakistan Day: Revitalising, reawakening national resolve to stand united against all challenges: Dr Asim Hussain

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By National Courier:

Karachi: Senior PPP leader and former Petroleum Minister Dr Asim Hussain said March 23 in country’s history is day of hope and determination of Muslims of subcontinent. On this day, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah passed resolution for creation of separate federation based on Muslim-majority regions in British India. He successfully won debate by speaking to party members in Lahore.

Dr Asim said Hindus and Muslims are two separate entities, as they are entirely different in cultural and religious aspects.

Pakistan celebrates March 23 every year with spirit and enthusiasm. Every year on this day, government arranges special event to give respect to this day. So nation must mark this day not only as Pakistan Day, but as day for revitalising and reawakening national resolve to stand firm, strong and united against all challenges with courage, enthusiasm and determination.

It is important to realise that Quaid’s two nation concept did not revolve around theocratic state but country in Muslim dominated areas where Muslim community could grow and prosper, free from all Hindu dominance and biases, Dr Asim added.  As time passes since creation of Pakistan and in lieu of condition of Muslims and other minorities in India today, one can only endorse vision of great leader and underscore his stature as world class statesman.

This day we should help raise awareness among new generations about struggle of Muslims for their right to self-determination and how important it is to safeguard Pakistan’s integrity. Day calls upon us to cement forces of cohesion and integration, DR Asim advised. We should reignite spirit of historic Lahore Resolution of 1940 by rejuvenating enthusiasm and spirit among our countrymen. There is no doubt that Pakistan with its great potential is here to stay and make enormous progress, overcoming all challenges.