National Courier – Justice should prevail

Asif Jah

Dr Asim Hussain has been a key figure in the development of health and education sector in Pakistan, specially in the Province of Sindh. He is renowned doctor and would have easily gone abroad but as a patriot he served the country and did not go abroad like other doctors. Not to mention again that he comes from a family that has worked with zeal and fervour for our motherland. His services are meritorious and the state not once but twice recognized his contribution and awarded him with Sitara-e-Hilal and Sitara-e-Imtiaz.
A man of Dr Asim Hussain’s calibre is languishing in the jail waiting for justice to be done to him. As a matter of fact it is very disappointing that more than a year has passed but there is no real progress in his cases and he is still detained without proving any guilt, neither, he has been given bail which is his right according to law. History will remember his miseries more than the charges (yet to be proved) against him. I only say that justice should prevail and the cases against him should be processed at a rapid pace.—Karachi