NAB court seeks expert opinion



By Nasir Mahmood
KARACHI: The Accountability Court IV on Saturday’s hearing with reference to Dr Asim Hussain’s health care directed to issue a letter to the leading experts on hydrotherapy to obtain their opinion by Monday, 14 November that how much time it will take to cure the patient.
Dr. Asim did not appear before the court due to health deterioration. With reference to JJVL (Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited) case, the defence counsel for another accused Basharat Mirza, Mohammad Azhar Siddique Advocate challenged the authorization of inquiry by NAB officials while judgement of the Islamabad High Court was already there, he said.
He added that there was another application pending with Islamabad High Court (IHC) therefore requested the court to wait for the IHC judgment which was expected by the end of this month.
The court adjourned the hearing for 3rd December.
With reference to land allotment case the defence counsel Amir Raza Naqvi in his submission stated that there was a commission formed by the government that examined the cases of land allotments all over country.
This commission had objected on his client Dr Ziauddin University that he has not used the allotted lands within the specified period. There was no other objection raised against his client but the prosecution witness had concealed this fact from the court, Amir Raza added. The court adjourned the hearing for 19 November.