HRW sees Dr Asim case as political victimization

By Nasir Mahmood
“The lack of transparency and the denial of due process in Dr Asim Hussain’s case are a matter of concern to Human Rights Watch. It does seem to be a case of political victimization,” Saroop Ijaz, a lawyer for Human Rights Watch, Karachi said while talking to Dale Carruthers of the London Free Press.

Ijaz said he’s concerned about Hussain’s psychological well-being. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan, an independent organization also expressed “grave concern” over a report about the deterioration of Hussain’s mental health.

“He has been subjected to investigation for a much extended period of time…largely without oversight,” Ijaz said.

Staff at Hussain’s hospitals had also been detained, mistreated and threatened, say supporters, who also accuse investigators of removing confidential medical records.

Dale Carruthers in his report “Former Londoner detained in Pakistan” on May 12, 2016 observed the past nine months have been “absolute hell” for the family of a former Londoner who became a high-ranking politician in Pakistan, but now languishes in jail there. Human Rights Watch has waded into the high-profile case, calling the allegations against Asim Hussain, a former government minister and close ally of Pakistan’s ousted president, politically motivated.