Dr Asim’s counsel say released video far from reality

Client Tortured Under Custody 

By Staff Reporter

KARACHI: The counsels of Dr Asim Hussain, Anwar Manssor Advocate and Amir Raza, have said in a joint statement that the video of their client released on media yesterday was far from reality. They said they were anticipating this, adding that “they expect some more clips in near future.” It has no moral grounds and legal justification, they added. The counsels were unanimous in view that the released clip was recorded when their client was under custody and he certainly was under duress. They said that this released statement was taken during the period when Dr Asim was brutally tortured by the law enforcement agencies. “It appears to be a pre-written script,” they further said, adding that the matter is sub-judice as a petition filed by my client’s mother Dr Aijaz Fatima is before the Sindh High court. So, the counsels opined, the action tantamount to contempt of court. Moreover, Dr Asim’s counsel Anwar Manssor will hold a press conference in this regard at his office at 2 pm. It is pertainent to mention that Dr Asim is a prominent PPP leader and has served the country as Petroleum Minister in the last PPP government.