Dr. Asim Hussain’s role ‘foremost’ in development of District Central


By National Courier:

Karachi: Provision of Rs 20 billion from Sindh government in annual budget 2023-24 for District Central Karachi depicts that government understands how District Central is working on development projects for well-being of infrastructure and providing its dwellers civic facilities in better way.

It is indeed a manifestation of government’s recognising of services being delivered by Dr Asim Hussain and his contribution towards betterment of District. Dr Asim is central figure in transformation of District into a model and developed areas of Karachi. His commitments towards welfare projects being introduced in District are laudable as many of development projects have been completed while several in pipeline.

Talking exclusively with ‘Daily National Couurier’ Dr Asim said this substantial funding will fuel major development projects in District, fostering progress and improving quality of life for residents. Taking significant step towards transforming District Central into thriving hub of growth and opportunity is motto.