Clip a bid to affect bail application: Mansoor

Dr Asim ‘forced to confess’ against Owais: Counsel 

By Nasir Mahmood

Anwar-Mansoor-KhanKARACHI: Dr Asim’s lawyer Anwar Mansoor Khan expressing surprise over the release of alleged clip of his client on electronic media said it was a malicious attempt not only to influence the court and judges but the masses in general too. They know that there is a bail application pending with ATC and the court has fixed the date for order on June 18, hence they have attempted to influence the judges against Dr Asim. Addressing a press conference yesterday afternoon Anwar Mansoor said that he will request the court to direct the authorities to stop such activities forthwith. In his statement Dr Asim’s counsel said last night there was a clip run by electronic media in which his client was shown giving statement against a third person. This clip belongs to the period when Dr Asim was taken by Rangers in custody, tortured, forced to record statements of their choice and did not allow seeing his lawyers. He said that under the law, such statements which are taken under duress, without presence of any magistrate, in solitary confinement and under the influence of drugs have no legal sanctity. “We were expecting such illegal moves, therefore, not today but in year 2015 we had moved applications on behalf of Dr Asim’s mother,” he added. Through these applications Dr Ejaz Fatima had requested Sindh High Court to declare that the Rangers nor any of the Respondents can cause Dr Asim to self incriminate himself under pressure or extracting information through any means of torture, and to declare that any statement made whilst in custody is inadmissible in evidence. The Rangers are exposed in this case by submitting false hospital bills, hence now they are involving a third person by issuing such exaggerated clips while Dr Asim was never in a position to investigate against any person in the government. This is a total false statement attributed to my client, just to damage the case. It has been already reported in media that Dr Asim was brought to hospital by Rangers where doctors declared him a heart patient but the Rangers took him away forcefully and they also took record of the hospital along with them just to hide their crime of influencing him through drugs, Anwar Mansoor Khan said. The counsel further stated that he has also discussed the matter with Dr Asim who told that he was not aware of any such statement and neither will he ever own it. He was forced in detention to sign various documents and sometime blank papers, Anwar Mansoor Khan concluded.