Dr Asim’s bail plea put off unheard for 7th time

By Nasir Mahmood

KARACHI: The hearing in bail plea of former petroleum minister Dr Asim Hussain in JJVL case was again adjourned yesterday while the next date is in office. One of the judges of the division bench Justice Sadiq Hussain Bhatti was on leave due to which the bench headed by Justice Syed Hasan Azhar Rizvi could not hear any cases. This is the seventh instance during past few months when the lawyers of Dr. Asim Hussain returned unheard in the bail plea in Sindh High Court. According to the counsel for Dr. Asim, the bail application in Jamshoro Joint Venture Limited (JJVL) case for Dr. Asim was filed in February this year and it has been pending since then. Earlier, on 10th October the same bench of SHC had put off the case without hearing of the bail applications for 17th October. The applications are filed by Dr. Asim Hussain, Rauf Siddiqui, Anees Qaimkhani and Qadir Patel against rejection order by the ATC since June last. This was the sixth bench formed as earlier five benches had refused to hear the case. Lastly on September 21 this year, SHC puisne judge Justice Ahmed Ali M Sheikh had declined to hear the bail pleas. After his refusal, the matter was referred to SHC Chief Justice, who assigned it to the bench headed by Justice Muhammad Ali Mazhar fixing the hearing for Sept 29. But on that day, the other member of the bench Justice Arshad Hussain declined to sit on the bench. The matter was again referred to Chief Justice Sindh for further direction or constitution of a new bench, who had fixed October 10 as the next date of hearing.